So, what can you expect from Costco (COST - Get Report) when the company reports earnings after the bell?

"I expect a good quarter," said Jim Cramer. 

However..."I don't think anybody cares," he continued. 


"Because we're in that sell mode. And I'll give you an example why: Take a look at Walmart (WMT - Get Report) . Walmart was at $97 there. They put out unbelievable numbers. Unbelievably good. I think Walmart's doing incredibly well. And the stock jumped up $3 and now it's back at $97. So, what does that say about what Costco has to do?" Cramer said. 

"I mean, Walmart blew it out and the stock is where it is. So, what can cause good with this mindset? We need the worst," he continued. "We need the crescendo to see the Dow down like 400 points. We need the transports down like 200 points. We've got to make it so that we get to a level don't fear sellers."

Cramer explained with another example. 

"I mean, I look at a Goldman and Goldman [Sachs] (GS - Get Report) is through tangible book, but then immediately as it flips through tangible book, people are saying, well, you know what? If you asked subtract Malaysia, it's not really a tangible book. There are so many reasons to sell right now. But there won't be soon," he said. 

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