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Investing In China: There Are Few Opportunities With So Much Upside

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TheStreet spoke to Suni Harford, President of Asset Management for UBS Financial Services, regarding advice for investing in China amidst tensions.

"One would think with that all of the news, the bad news, and all of the tension would drive people away. On the other hand, I tend to think that it raised the awareness of what was going on in China. It raised the awareness about the growth they've seen, it raised awareness about the tech and R&D that they're doing there.  And, I have to say, there are few opportunities in our investing lifetime where you see so much upside with a population that is still coming into the middle class, still creating jobs, they're moving into the cities. They are a number of years behind the rest of the developed world. But, boy they are going to come on strong", says Harford.

Watch the video above. For more on the next big investing trends, the economic growth, and the drivers behind it, or watch the full interview here. Harford was named among the 100 Most Influential Women in Finance by Barron's.

Editor's Note. Tracy Byrnes contributes to TheStreet and is a financial advisor at UBS.

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