UFO: Here's an ETF That's Out of This World

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With a ticker symbol like  (UFO) - Get Report, there’s little ambiguity on what the Procure Space ETF focuses on and invests in. ProcureAM CEO Andrew Chanin sat down with TheStreet's Corey Goldman to share his views on why investing in space is out of this world - and why it should be more than just a blip on investors' radars.

The Procure Space ETF is focused on sectors and companies with space-related activities which includes a wide range of companies like satellite manufacturers and operators, companies creating launch equipment that are sending things into space. Plus, companies like Virgin Galactic ( (SPCE) - Get Report), which is focusing on space tourism, and SpaceX, which is owned by Tesla's ( (TSLA) - Get Report) CEO Elon Musk.

Watch the video interview above to learn more about the changing space landscape.

TDIH: Bernard Harris Jr. Milestone In Space

As TheStreet continues its month-long video series: Black History, Wall Street & Beyond, we celebrate Bernard Harris Jr.

On February 9, 1995, Bernard Harris Jr became the first African American to walk in space. It happened during his second mission aboard Shuttle Discovery.  Watch: Bernard Harris Jr. Walked in Space Before Elon Musk Ruled Skies.

The video series highlights milestones from Wall Street to space. Watch below:

TheStreet is taking this month to amplify voices from the African-American community that sometimes fall through the cracks. 

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