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The Worst Investing Mistake From Medal of Honor Recipient David Bellavia

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We've all made mistakes. 

Staff Sergeant David Bellavia talked to TheStreet about his worst investing mistake.

Bellavia was recently awarded the Medal of Honor by President Trump. 

Hint: Penny stocks may have played a, watch out penny stock investors.

Here's what Bellavia had to say:

"The day trading phenomenon of the late nineties in the early 2000s made a lot of people think that this was a roulette wheel and that a penny stock. You hear the great stories and when you're young and you look at how much you bring in, yeah, you love to have a 400% return. This is great. Is this common? Um, yeah. So yeah, I've, I've fallen for, for that in my younger years and, and today it almost becomes, you know, you're heightened to, to those types of promises. Returns aren't ever going to be 250%, you know, and they'd come from an email," said Bellavia.

To hear more, watch the full video above.

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