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Tony Owusu: China is the center of attention on Wednesday as US stocks are gaining big on optimism that progress can be made between the U S and China when trade talks resume on Thursday, October 10th in Washington DC. Meanwhile, Apple was the subject of a negative op-ed in the state run China daily on Wednesday with Chinese officials taking the company to task over an App that it approved that it's saying Hong Kong processors are using to get around blockades and police presence in the country. The app allows users to see where the street closures and where the police presences are. And China says that that is something that Apple shouldn't have done in terms of allowing the app to be downloaded. The op-ed said, quote, as a company with international influence, Apple has always enjoyed a high reputation. A company has its own standards of conduct, which it also had its social responsibilities. Some people might say that the company's social responsibilities have been met by allowing the processers use this App but China obviously disagrees.

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The Netcapital portal offers both high net worth and non-accredited investors a chance to invest in companies that aren't on the stock market, Jason Frishman, the founder and CEO of Netcapital, said in an interview. Plus, Frishman said investors can diversify their "alternative investment portfolio" by investing lower dollar amounts in more companies.

"I think investors should know that it's a good use for some of your portfolio, but make sure that it's the capital that you're willing to risk," Frishman said. "That you go into this understanding that you're not buying a Fortune 500 company. There is a chance that any investment you make on that capital could go to zero. So, make sure you're comfortable with that risk and make sure you diversify."

To be fair, Frishman said most investors shouldn't allocate more than a small portion of their total portfolio to early-stage companies. But if you're comfortable with the risk, Frishman said there are enormous growth potential opportunities. "Private companies are really one of the few places that you should go," he said.

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