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Internet of Things Worries Former NSA Chief Keith Alexander

Saudi Aramco-style attack in the U.S. is one of his greatest fears.
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A 2012 cyberattack on Saudi Arabia's national oil company offers a picture of the kind of thing that keeps General Keith Alexander awake at night, the former NSA Director tells TheStreet in an interview at CME Group's Global Financial Leadership Conference in Naples, Fla. General Alexander notes that the so-called Internet of Things is 'growing at exponential rate,' making cars, homes, and our national power grid easier to use but also more vulnerable to disruption by hacker groups. General Alexander, who resigned after contractor Ed Snowden leaked U.S. secrets to journalists, jokes that the U.S. may be able to secure the Internet in 100 years. Outernet was inaccurately described as providing Internet access via satellite. Outernet provides a free data-casting service from space that is freely accessible by anyone, broadcasting news, courseware, and disaster information as well as information requested by the public. More information, including how to receive Outernet's signal, is available on the company’s website