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Inside The Coolest Booths at New York Comic Con 2017

Here are some standout exhibits on the show floor at this year's New York Comic Con.

New York Comic Con is one of the largest fan conventions of the year, drawing nearly 200,000 people over four days last year. After making an initial pass through the Javitz Center, fighting through throngs of enthusiastic fans, it became apparent that some displays at this years celebration of comic culture where standouts. 

The first we noticed was Japanese broadcaster, NKH's, "Domo! World." Admirers of the Mascot love to create fan fiction and to celebrate this popularity and creativity NKH produced an 8K video showcasing the ancient origin of the creature. The video is stunningly fashioned and made with hand crafted puppets. The 8K images are like nothing you've seen before. Look for booth 502. 

There were a few great video game exhibit's including Bandai Namco's New "Dragon Ball FighterZ" which, is set to release in February and "Middle-Earth: Shadow of War" coming out on the 10th of October. 

Serious art collectors can cruise over to booth 2036 where the work of the world renown Alex Ross is displayed. You can see his influence in some of the new promotional art for Justice League. An original can be worth more than $20 thousand, but even if you can't make that kind of investment it's still a treat to view in person. 

One surprisingly awe-inspiring exhibit was the Pop Culture Shock Collectibles booth. PCS has been making amazing figures since 2008. Their take on the "Street Fighter" character Dhalsim was my personal favorite. You can find them at booth 336.

The Vader's Vault booth was definitely a spot of high traffic. The company manufactures combat ready custom light sabers. It's really something to hold the heft of a solid saber in your grip. Prices vary but be ready to drop at least $300 for the kind of craftsmanship on display at booth 3014. 

Finally, the popular web comic "Cyanide & Happiness" sported a fun interactive booth promoting their new card game. Not for the faint of heart, "Joking Hazard" is a "Cards Against Humanity" type game featuring panels from their popular Random Comic Generator. 

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