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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is Giving Up His Social Media Accounts For International Women's Day

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi - the third most followed world leader on Twitter - is giving up all his social media accounts.

It's happening on March 8 on the occasion of International Women's Day.

Prime Minister Modi first tweeted on March 2, suggesting he was giving up his social media accounts.

This created a huge frenzy on social media as people were baffled.

But Prime Minister Modi revealed recently that he was actually lending his social media accounts on March 8 to celebrate International Women's Day. 

This is part of his new campaign to honor inspiring women from all walks of life, where few women will be chosen to run his social accounts on that day.

People are encouraged to send stories of inspiring women using the hashtag #SheInspiresUS on social media. Few selected women will be chosen to run Modi's social media on that day.

Prime Minister Modi is really active on social media and is also the most-followed Indian on Twitter with more than 53 million followers.

He has 35.2 million followers on Instagram, 44 million followers on Facebook and 4.52 million subscribers on YouTube. 

He is the third-most followed leader on Twitter after U.S. President Trump (73.3 million) and Barack Obama (113.3 million).

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