We Are In a Rising Interest Rate Cycle, Says Legendary Technician

Legendary technician Louise Yamada says we are in a rising rate cycle. What does that mean? Brush up on your history and watch now!
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I had the pleasure of sitting down with legendary technician Louise Yamada, and while we talked about everything from the current market to getting women in the business, she wouldn't end the interview without discussing the rising rate cycle we currently are in.

"And most of the traders today are so young, they have never seen one," says Yamada, author of Market Magic, Riding the Greatest Bull Market of the Century.

She suggests traders research 1946-1981, the last rising rate cycle we experienced. 

"The beginning of a new rate cycle generally accompanies a market shift," she says.

So what happens next?  Brush up on your history and watch the clip above. 

And watch this clip below for more from Yamada:

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