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What Does Impeachment Have to Do With Markets?

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What does impeachment have to do with markets? 

You may wonder how impeachment could somehow impact companies' earnings. 

Well it does indirectly. The impact could be positive or negative. 

Before we break it down, let's think about this in terms of your favorite sports team. 

You're a huge fan and your team hires a new coach. Well, the players are all still the same. This doesn't change your teams' ability to compete for a playoff spot, right? Well, it does actually. 

The coach presides. The coach sets the environment in which players compete. Maybe the new coach is more defensively minded. Maybe your stellar offensive roster was a middle of the road team, but with a policy of good defense starting at the top, your team will go from an offensive one, to one that poses a threat to the opposition on both sides of the ball. Now you have a real winner on your hands.

Your team's stock just went up. 

It works the same way in markets. 

Now to see how that plays out, watch the video above. 

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