Tom Brady Reveals Future in Hulu Super Bowl Commercial: 'I'm Not Going Anywhere.'

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While the Chiefs and 49ers are in focus during Super Bowl LIV, New Englanders got some news about one of the most polarizing players in professional football. 

The GOAT “isn’t going anywhere.” We finally have some answers to Tom Brady’s cryptic Instagram post from 2 days ago. In a commercial touting Hulu’s  (HULU) live TV streaming service, Brady gave some insight.

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The social media post in question depicts Brady in a black and white photo standing at the entrance of a football stadium with his back to the camera. No captions. No hashtags. No insight into what this could all mean. Is he coming? Is he leaving?

It looks like we finally have our answer. During the second quarter of Super Bowl LIV, the New England Patriots quarterback appeared in a black and white commercial. 

Brady begins the ad by saying, “They say all good things come to an end," which most likely made a few stomachs in New England turn.“ They say all good things come to an end. That the best just know when to walk away. So to my teammates, my family and most of all, my fans, you deserve to hear this from me.” 

He puts some minds at ease by ending with, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Brady, 41, will become a free agent on March 18 for the first time in his 21 year career in the NFL. The Patriots are expected to want to have a decision made well before the free-agent signing period begin. But Brady also has said he is "open-minded" about the free-agent process, and other teams are expected to explore the possibility of signing him.

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