Hyundai Sees a Future Where Your Car Is Part of the Furniture

Does this vision of autonomous driving hit too close to home for you?
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Hyundai (HYMLF)  is imagining a future where your autonomous car parks itself next to your living room and replaces part of the furniture. The Mobility Vision concept includes the driver's seat extending into the living space where it becomes another chair, and pivots back into the car when the driver wants to leave the house. This idea is meant to highlight the ease of leaving the house because the autonomous movements eradicate scrambling for your keys or going into inclement weather. Other benefits include using the car's air conditioning system to cool down the living room, and replacing a stereo system with the car's speaker system. The car's battery can also serve as a backup generator in case of an electrical outage. While this is purely a concept, this is where the future of auto tech is heading. Does this hit too close to home for you?

This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.