Former HSBC International Exec: Still Not Enough Women at the Global Table

Former HSBC EVP and Global Commercial Banking Head says there still are not enough women at the table around the world and clients are noticing. Companies need to listen up and hire appropriately.
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Prior to founding, Luminary, a collaboration hub for women who are looking to network and expand their professional development, Cate Luzio spent 20 years in the banking industry.  She traveled the world, most recently as the Executive Vice President and Global Head of Multinational Corporate Banking for Global Commercial Banking at HSBC (HSBC) - Get Report

Her career has taken her to Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the one glaring thing still missing across the globe was women at the table.

And while countries like India and China still have societal issues around working women, they are witnessing change.  Surprisingly, the problem actually seems to still be in the hiring here at home.

Luzio is a big proponent of focusing on the middle.  "It is hard to get women to the top if they self-select out and they aren't in the middle," she says.

So listen in as Luzio, who was named a Top 25 Women to Watch in American Banker for 2015, 2016, and 2017, talks about what she has seen internationally and what companies need to do to accelerate change.