How Will Oil Play Out In the Market? This Expert Weighs In

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Oil is dominating headlines.

Stocks were falling Monday, endangering the Dow Jones Industrial Average's eight-day winning streak, after oil prices surged the most in more than two decades following an attack on two key Saudi Arabian oil facilities.

TheStreet's Katherine Ross sits down with Art Hogan, National Securities' Chief Market Strategist, to break it all down and more.

Here's an excerpt fro the video:

"It's interesting. So we've had a market that's gotten a bit stretched. I certainly think that when we look at what's happened for the entire month of September where we're reversing that choppy actually is on August. And I think all of that's around the better tone on trade with China. So I think that, you know, for a market that has gone up as much as it has in a short period of time, we've probably have to take a pause here. Whether the causes of spike in oil prices or anything. I think tactically we've just gotten a little overbought so I wouldn't be surprised to see a bit of a pullback this week," Hogan said.

For more, watch the video above. 

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