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Jim Cramer's Guide for Doing Your Investment Homework

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Investing can be scary, especially if you are a beginner.  

We get it! "How do I become a better investor" is a common question for Jim Cramer, TheStreet's co-founder and Action Alerts Plus portfolio manager, gets asked all the time. In fact, it came up again in Action Alerts Plus monthly member's only call.  

Cramer outlined a multi-step investing plan for doing your homework.  

And, so, we're sharing his answer with you. We want you to be a savvy investor too.

[When it comes to investing] I need you to do the homework, Cramer says.

He added, "number one is the annual, number two is the balance sheet..."

Cramer went on to say that you need to know the micro macro and mechanics."Is it going to be hurt by the macro? Is it going to be hurt by the micro, are there micro things that matter? How are the mechanics? How's the chart? These are all figuring in and you've got to do all them. "

 And there's so much more great advice, even some recommended reading by Cramer and Action Alerts Plus analyst Jeff Marks. Just watch the video for more.

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