UBS SVP Offers Some Signs to Spot a Recession

While we know the bull market eventually will come to an end, no one knows exactly when. We do know there are signs that will tell us we're heading there. We talked with Kathleen Entwistle, senior vice-president in private wealth at UBS, who explained what to look out for. Watch!
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We all know the bull market is coming to an end -- the big question is WHEN?

And will it happen faster with all the tariff talk?

For more on tariffs, watch this:

While no one knows the exact answers to these questions, we do know that there are certain economic indicators that can lead us there.

Tariffs, which basically are an additional tax on certain goods, mean the price to produce those products could go up, reminds Kathleen Entwistle, senior vice-president in private wealth at UBS (UBS) - Get Report .

Increased prices obviously can have a snowball effect on the economy and potentially lead us into a recession.

So watch the clip above now for the market signs you need to look out for to protect your wallet.