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Ask Cramer: How to Play the Stocks You Buy

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How do you play the stocks you buy?

During Jim Cramer's members-only Action Alerts Plus monthly call, a member asked, "I've been buying Alphabet/Google (GOOGL) - Get Free Report for years and have approximately 100% gain on a few hundred shares. The size of the position does not overwhelm my portfolio. Other than protected gains, why should I sell my shares to buy something I am less enthusiastic about?"

"Okay, this is really important. You're playing, basically with the house's money if you sell, say 50 shares. I like playing with the house's money." said Cramer.

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst for Action Alerts Plus, agreed with Cramer.

"Yeah, you could sell a little, but still hold on, because they also have good Cloud opportunity too. The poached the LeBron James of Cloud."

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