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Why Now Is the Time to Consider Adding a Cybersecurity Stock to Your Portfolio

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Since the night of Thursday, Jan. 2, when the U.S. announced that it had killed Iran's top general, Qassem Soleimani, in a military strike, there's been quite a few headlines concerning the Middle East.

Following the death, Iran vowed retaliation.

So, with a possible threat of an Iranian cybersecurity attack on the U.S., should investors start considering adding cybersecurity stocks to their portfolios?

In the past five days, the stock of Crowdstrike  (CRWD) - Get CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. Class A Report is up nearly 10%. 

Real Money contributor Chris Versace weighed in on why now may be the time to add a cybersecurity stock to your portfolio. 

"Well, I think you're absolutely right that when we look at the headlines and we look at the chain of events that's happening as well as the history of when Iran has hit the U.S. with cyber attacks usually during times of changes in U.S. sanctions. It's a very logical, almost knee reaction but in terms of cybersecurity stocks. Look, whether we're talking about this particular incidence or we look at the shifting landscape of warfare across the globe from soldiers to tanks to planes to cyber. The outlook for cybersecurity stocks has probably never been brighter," said Versace.

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