Start Practicing How To Make That Champagne Tower For NYE

Building a champagne tower in your home is an easy feat that totally will impress your family and friends. Even better, you can build one with less than a dozen glasses. Watch!
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Building a champagne tower in your home is an easy and totally will impress all your friends and family.  Even better, you can get it done with fewer than a dozen glasses.

The key is to make sure the glasses are all the same size and height.  And you definitely need a flat surface to build on.

There's also a little bit of math involved because you're going to be making squares. You have to make sure everything is very centered and the glasses need to be tight together.  They literally need to be touching with no space between.

In general you need a bottle of champagne per five glasses so make sure you have some magnums on hand. Cheers!

So watch our video and start practicing so you have this down before the ball drops!

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