Super Bowl Champion Marshall Newhouse Reveals His Best Investing Advice

NFL veteran Marshall Newhouse wanted a source of income outside of his paychecks for playing football. He is now a successful entrepreneur with a very diverse portfolio.
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Marshall Newhouse has played in the NFL as an offensive lineman since 2010. He won a Super Bowl with the Packers and blocked for some of the league’s best quarterbacks including Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Eli Manning and most recently Tom Brady.

Over the course of his 10-year career, he’s made around $10 million. With the proper planning that amount alone should be plenty to give him a comfortable retirement. But Newhouse wasn’t going to stop at just his earnings on the field as a source of income. In fact, he’s made quite the name for himself as an entrepreneur and angel investor.

The 6’4, 330-pound lineman is one of four current NFL players on the Athlete Advisory Board for the National Football League Players Association’s “One Team Partners” which is an investment arm of the league’s union. The OneTeam initiative aims to help “athletes maximize the value of their name, image and likeness rights” through three components: group licensing, athlete marketing, and venture investing.

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 Newhouse is also an active investor in a few categories including sports wearable technology, video game technology, and blockchain/cryptocurrency.

Newhouse wasn’t always a savvy investor and financially focused professional athlete. Despite his parents constant “in his ear” approach to investing, the Super Bowl Champion admitted to not taking his financial security too seriously until about his sixth year in the NFL. A problem he says happens to a lot of younger athletes.

 He emphasized the importance of finding a veteran mentor to help guide players in the right direction and assist with some of the questions all new investing beginners have when first starting out. In his case, it was his position coach from college, that really helped point him in the right direction of what to focus on from an income aspect for life after football.

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The average professional football career only lasts three seasons, Marshall is heading into his eleventh. Currently a free agent, he spent the 2019 season with the New England Patriots.

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