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How to Increase the Odds of a Profitable Short - Doug Kass Explains

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The GameStop (undefined) stock saga was a great lesson for everyone watching the greed/fear in real-time. 

Bob Lang, Real Money contributor and co-portfolio manager of Trifecta Stocks, and Real Money Pro Contributor Doug Kass discussed GameStop, in the video above, as well as the ins and outs of short selling.

"It's been an interesting case to learn from", says Lang. "How would you have handled this and when would you have said "uncle". 

"To begin with, I would have never shorted GameStop", says Kass. "Which gets me to the most important part of this interview, addressing my core short principles".

Kass went on to reveal his key strategies to increase the odds of a profitable short. Watch the video above to learn Kass's short-selling tenants.

The extended video is a fascinating and rich 30-minute conversation that can be seen here. In it, Lang and Kass tackle many topics including a look at why the SPAC market is ripe for short-sellers and we learn from Kass why he thinks most retail investors should avoid short selling

For those unfamiliar with Kass, there was also a raw conversation that allows us to better understand the mind of a short-selling pro

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