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How To Find Value in a Market Rotation

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If you are an investor you may want to know how to find value in a market rotation.

Well, TheStreet's got you covered.

Katherine Ross sits down with Art Hogan, National Securities Chief Market Strategist, to dig into that deeper.

"Well, what'd you want to do is see what hasn't performed and I think a lot of that was happening last week. People were really sharpening their pencils and saying, "Hey, what's been ignored for most of this year?" Energy certainly fell into that category. Financials because of the low interest rates. We're in that category. Most of healthcare because it's an election cycle that we're in and we're concerned that there's going to be some pressure on drug pricing and reimbursement for health care in general," Hogan said.

To hear which other sectors Hogan mentions, watch the video above.

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