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How to Find Opportunity in a Market Run By U.S.-China Trade Headlines

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Let's talk trade.

Adam Phillips, director of portfolio strategy at EP Wealth Advisors and Tony Owusu, reporter at TheStreet, break down what investors need to know about the U.S.-China trade headlines.

But, despite what Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said about getting pen to paper for a potential trade deal signing in a month, how likely are we to actually get pen to paper for a signing?

"I think this is really a question of motivation. I think the Chinese are very motivated because their economy is suffering a lot. Meanwhile, America is not as motivated because our economy is humming along and the Trump administration has said repeatedly that they love tarriffs. However, what Trump does want is the Chinese by our agriculture because that will get him re-elected and help get them reelected in 2020 so there's a question of motivation. Chinese want to get it done. The U.S. can kind of wait it out a little bit. So the short answer is, we'll see," said Owusu. 

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