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How Investors Should Approach the September Tariffs

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You have to block out a lot of the noise when it comes to the trade war, but one headline investors have to focus on is the upcoming September 1st tariffs.

A lot of the goods that were due to have tariffs placed on them have had those tariffs delayed until December. However, there are still some goods that will be hit with tariffs starting on September 1st, including Apple (AAPL)  products such as the Airpods, Watch and iPad's. The iPhone, however, is among the goods being delayed, which is why it's important to really understand the companies you own and how they will individually be affected by tariffs.

As Jeff Marks, Senior Portfolio Analyst at ActionAlertsPLUS, said, "you got to know what companies can navigate the tariffs, what companies can mitigate the tariffs, because those are the ones that will get a premium in the market. And the ones who can't, those are going to get discounted."

To find out what else Marks is watching for when September 1st tariffs take affect watch the video above.

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