How Sallie Krawcheck Is Coping With Social Distancing

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How has Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest adjusted to social distancing?

She talked about how this pandemic has actually been the ultimate Sunday family dinner. 

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And watch the full interview with Krawcheck here: How to Handle Market Volatility, Manage Personal Finances During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Sallie, Jim Cramer and I have talked extensively about how social distancing is impacting us personally, so I'm wondering from your perspective, how's it impacting you? I know that you're going to go out every night once this is over, but right now?

Yeah, I miss it. For Ellevest, was traveling probably two to three days a week taking our message around, nothing bad happens when women have more money. Right? This is good for all of us. We have for too many years patronized women around money as a society, had women thinking, "I'm good at investing. That's for him, not for me." Talking to women about how therefore we have without knowing it seeded our power, and so I've been running around the country, doing quite a bit of that and I miss all of it. Oops. That's working from home. And I miss the team at work. I miss the social part of it. But I'm sort of cracking up at myself because we just had a bit of work done on our New York City apartment and I told my kids, who are launched in their careers and doing their thing.

I said, "Look, what I want is for us to have Sunday night dinner. It's my goal, as a family, we come back on Sunday nights and I want a Sunday night dinner." Well, be careful what you wish for, expand out what you wish for, because we're having Sunday night dinner and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. And so, look, I realize I'm in a very privileged place where I can work from home, where we've got at our company plenty of runway where we have a business that's responding with strength to this, I realize that privilege. And so recognizing that I'm really trying to embrace the gift I've been given of all this time with my family that I wanted and I got it seven times over.

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