How Reinventing the Lab Coat Can Empower the Minds of Tomorrow

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If you work in STEM, then a lab coat is very likely a staple in your wardrobe. 

So, why did Abbott (ABT) - Get Abbott Laboratories Report have high school students redesign the lab coat? 

Corlis Murray, Abbott's senior vice president of quality assurance, regulatory and engineering services, talked to TheStreet about the importance of having the younger generation work on projects such as redesigning a classic, such as the lab coat. 

"Well, ideally we wanted to reinvent the lab coat because we want these young people to understand that the power really is within them. Just because the lab coat has been used since the 19th century doesn't mean that it still has to be in the same configuration. So we gave them an opportunity to be innovative, to be creative, and to express themselves in a powerful way, you know, applying their knowledge and their skills while also helping to create the uniqueness that each of us bring," said Murray.

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