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How Much Is David Tepper Worth?

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Just how much is David Tepper worth?

But first, let's talk about who Tepper is.

He's not only the owner of the NFL's Carolina Panthers, but he's also the founder of Appaloosa Management. 

And he's a billionaire. 

Tepper bought the Panthers back in 2018 for $2.2 billion. 

He's currently the richest NFL owner, with a net worth of over $12 billion. 

He founded Appaloosa Management, his famous hedge fund, back in 1993. 

However, in May of last year, he announced that he would be converting Appaloosa to a family office and return the outside capital to investors. 

In October, it was announced that Tepper would continue to manage money for around 15 investors. The remaining investors will have $1.25 billion to $1.5 billion with Tepper.

Tepper, become widely known during the financial crisis of 2008, when he invested in the depressed banks. His thesis that the U.S. government wouldn't let banks fail was proven correct.

Watch the video above for more. 

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