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How Much Do Spaceflights Cost?

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Would you ever--if you ever had the access to that kind of money--spend $28 million on a seat to go to space?

What if I told you that that amount would buy you around 10 minutes in space? 

An anonymous bidder spent that much on a seat before bowing out due to a "scheduling conflict."

So if a bidder spent that kind of cash on a seat how much would the launch itself cost?

TheStreet looked at how much other trips to space have cost NASA, and what SpaceX and Tesla TSLA CEO Elon Musk has said about the cost of shuttle launches.

NASA spent $10.6 billion to develop the Space Shuttle and its related components, per NASA. Adjusted for inflation, that equates to approximately $49 billion in 2020.

On average, NASA spends an average of $152 million per launch.

Musk has said that the SpaceX Starship rocket will cost just a small fraction of a NASA launch.

“If you consider operational costs, maybe it’ll be like $2 million. This is much less than even a tiny rocket, so it’s something that needs to be made," Musk said, per 

Watch the video above for more. 

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