How Movie Theaters and Real Estate Are Changing Going Into 2019

The CEO of Marcus Corp. spoke to TheStreet about the landscape of the movie theater and real estate
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The Marcus Corp. (MCS) - Get Report has been around the block a couple of times. 

The company, which specializes in movie theaters and lodging, has been around since 1963. 

It celebrated its 25th year as a publicly traded company on the floor of the New York Stock exchange on Dec. 14. 

Greg Marcus, CEO of Marcus Corp., talked to TheStreet about the outlook for the theater sector and real estate going into 2019. 

Its theater division makes Marcus Corp. the fourth largest theater circuit in the U.S.

Outlook for Theater 

Marcus touched on the theater industry and how he expects it to change and grow going into 2019.

The company recently acquired a rival theater company--Movie Tavern--which allows patrons to order dinner while watching movies. 

Marcus discussed his excitement about closing the deal and what it means for movie theaters going into the new year.

Time to Get Into Real Estate?

Marcus was asked whether or not spooked investors should consider real estate as an alternative investment.

Watch to see what Marcus has to say.