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Millennials, Listen Up! Here's How to Invest in Gold

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Young investors, listen up!

Gold recently hit near a 6-year high, so you may be wondering "if it's time to invest in gold" or "how?"

Well, Real Money Contributor Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle says he has the answer.

First, you need exposure to gold.

"If you want 5% exposure to physical gold and another up to 5%, you can, I go up to two and a half percent exposure to paper gold, either the futures or the ETF," Guilfoyle said.

But I think you want that 5% to 10% exposure to the space because if anything goes wrong, gold, if the dollar gets cheaper, which the Fed is obviously trying to do, gold ... it is a safety valve," he continued.

Guilfoyle also advises to use an actual broker to help you with your gold investments.

"You need to call an actual broker that deals in precious metals and some of them have limits to how little you can put in," Guilfoyle said.

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