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How Millennials Are Shaking Up the Grocery Industry

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It isn't your mother's grocery store.

Nope, things have changed when it comes to food shopping. 

And, for good reason, millennials and the younger generation don't visit stores as often. They're also looking for a shopping experiencer as well as solutions to their hectic lives like meal kits.

Eric, Lindberg, Grocery Outlet's (GO) - Get Free Report IPO, spoke to TheStreet on their IPO Day, Thursday June 20, 2019.

"We're doing a lot on social media. We're doing a lot with digital. We have very, very current brands. We have a strategy called natural, organic, specialty, healthy. Think about just sort of a little Whole Foods within a grocery outlet," he explained.

"Tons and tons of brands are attracted to us because we give them shelf space. We make it easy to sell and attract a lot of customers. We're seeing increasing customer counts each and every year. It's a fun store. I think, there's a younger generation looking for some sort of entertainment value. And I know that entertainment and grocery, don't really always go in the same sentence, but, we hear back and we watch a lot of online comments from millennials and younger customers and they love the store. They love the store experience."

Watch the video to learn what else the discount supermarket is doing to attract new customers.

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