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How Investors Should Approach Evolving U.S.-China Trade Talks

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And trade talks are back in the headlines. 

The U.S. and China are scheduled to have another round of trade talks starting Oct. 7. 

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst at Action Alerts PLUS, and Carol Schleif, deputy chief investment officer at Abbot Downing, sat down with TheStreet's Katherine Ross to discuss trade. 

So, can we trust a market that's flip-flopped this much?

"Well, they certainly make a tough on us, right? So last Friday you had this story of the Montana farms coming out of the Chinese delegation canceling and that story gets walked back last night from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin with even Trump kind of questioning that decision," said Marks. "But I would add it's not really just, it's not just the whole market. The whole market right now is being very reactive and it's not just maybe more than the cyclical names. You have healthcare being reactive to political news. You have large-cap tech being very reactive to regulatory news. So there's a lot of reactiveness going on right now, but it has been a good September considering all the uncertainties that there are in the market."

Watch the full video for more. 

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