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How Investors Should Approach the Ongoing U.S.-China Trade Talks

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Will we or won't we?

That's the ever-lasting question on the minds of investors when it comes to the U.S.-China trade talks.

Gene Goldman, CIO of Cetera, and Jacob Sonenshine, reporter with TheStreet, break down whether or not a trade deal is feasible after the House of Representatives approved a bill supporting pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. 

"We're having a trade truce. Okay. And the trade truce for us is, you know, it's part of our thesis. Our thesis right now is that we should be a little cautious in the markets. Think about this, the markets, you know right now, three things, stocks--earnings drive stock prices--and global growth is slowing down earnings and second of all, political volatility has really hit the markets. You know, we're seeing a lot of data slowing down, which could affect the election in 2020 and then, to your point about the Chinese and the trade war, you know, you think about this, the markets, we have a valuation of 17 in the markets. We're pricing in perfection, we're pricing a dovish Fed, and we're also pricing a trade war being a result. If these two things don't happen, market volatility can increase quite dramatically. So we are concerned, but we would like to see a fully-realized trade war, not just a trade truce," said Goldman. 

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