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How Investors Should Approach the Ongoing Trade Talks

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Let's talk trade.

There's a lot of uncertainty around trade, with President Trump saying that the U.S. and China have reached a trade deal, but the Chinese media is staying quiet on whether or not a deal is in the works. 

Jerry Kronenberg, managing editor of TheStreet and Zev Fima, analyst with Action Alerts PLUS, broke down what investors need to know about the U.S.-China trade headlines.

"If you look at what happened with the market on Friday, we had a big rally of about 2% on the S&P 500. At one point, but we ended up, giving back about half of that and were lower so far on Monday. Oh, we've got a lot of great analysis on this and our man in Hong Kong--Alex McMillan-- [penned a column on] Real Money, our premium site. He says the Chinese media is saying almost nothing. They're saying that there's progress and not talking about the word 'phase one.' They're not talking about agricultural purchases. So there's a lot of questions as to whether anything has really been agreed to or not," said Kronenberg.

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