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How Investors Should Approach News Around Iran Protests and the Signing of the U.S.-China Trade Deal

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Is it time to focus on the fundamentals again?

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst with Action Alerts PLUS, weighed in on how investors should approach headlines stemming from the possible Phase One trade deal signing, and  

"Can I say neither? Is that punting the question? No, I mean, I only say that because there's just such far more important, events going on this week. The bank's are kicking off earnings tomorrow. We have companies that really important conferences like the JPMorgan Healthcare conference. So I think, look, I think we're a little bit, you know, exhausted with the trade news and I think far more important it's going to be the fundamentals. Fundamentals are back from what we hear at the conferences, what we hear from earnings. So I think that's really gonna be the next driver of stocks and less all of these price target revisions that we're seeing by analysts and upgrades. And I'm just kind of like the back and forth news whether on, on trade [isn't important]...the fundamentals are back and much more important right now," said Marks. 

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