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How Investors Should Approach Geopolitical Tensions

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It's easy to start to worry about headlines, especially when news is sending the major indices down, but don't panic. 

That's one of Real Money's Stephen Guilfoyle's pieces of advice for investors. 

Guilfoyle penned a column on TheStreet discussing a war's impact on Wall Street. 

"In [any] case, a wise investor will already have a cash balance on hand. I usually suggest 20% to 25% minimum for retail investors, but this is personal, and it's really a comfort-level thing. If you can't sleep at night, raise cash. Don't worry about a suggested level you heard from a guy like me. I think it's important that investors hold between 5% and 10% of their investing wealth in gold, with the first 5% in physical gold. Up to 5% of the rest can be held in paper gold as a means toward manipulating exposure size. Remember to not store the physical bullion in the same place. Some here in the U.S., some elsewhere. Paper gold may or may not be accessible when you need it. What if the electric grid has been destroyed?" Guilfoyle wrote. 

He joined TheStreet's Katherine Ross to talk about the column and to give advice. 

While Guilfoyle focused on how investors should approach a war if one was declared, he also had advice for investors when global tensions are high. 

Watch the full video above for Guilfoyle's advice. 

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