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How Investors Can Protect Themselves as Trump Tariffs Send Markets Into Turmoil

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Here we go again. 

President Trump tweeted about imposing new tariffs on China during midday trading Thursday, Aug. 1. 

Here's what Trump had to say. 

Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi told reporters at an event in Thailand that additional tariffs were "not a correct way" to deal with the bilateral dispute. 

Now, if the tariffs go into effect Sept. 1, what is the first thing that investors need to do?

Stephen Guilfoyle, Real Money contributor, weighed in on what investors can do to protect themselves.

"Well for investors it's a kick in the gut, it's a month out, right? It's September 1st. So the president has given the Chinese the chance to react to this. I don't know if it'll shake any trees. We never actually got to imposing those tariffs on Mexico. I don't compare this to Mexico. Obviously, the stocks are reacting negatively," said Guilfoyle.

"So you've got to focus on the stocks that are the most greatly impacted like this within the tech sector, let's say the semi's, obviously this hurts them very badly," he continued. 

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