How Investors Can Approach Volatility, According to NYSE Trader

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It's been a wild week in the markets. 

Jonathan Corpina, senior managing partner at Meridian Equity Partners, talked to TheStreet about market volatility and when he expects a U.S.-China trade truce. 

Here's what Corpina thinks about the volatility and how investors should respond. 

"I think coming into this week, the headlines that have moved the markets, they're not new headlines, right? I mean we've been talking about trade wars for a while. Last week, we were talking about interest rates. So, this whole thing has been on our calendar, it has been on our radar. It just seems now that it's really come to a head, investors are getting very anxious about the situation. So how do you handle it? I think you have to continue to do what we said to do as the market was continuing to go higher and higher. You have to wait this out, right? There's so many different things, so many different factors going on right now. We're not sure how it's all gonna play out. It seems that anytime we get close to some sort of communication with China, we pull away from each other. It seems like it might be turning back in again a little slowly. So I think, if you wait this thing out, I know we've been waiting a long time, but at this point right now there's no need to panic because we do know that there will be some resolution put in place, albeit we'd love it today, but that's not gonna happen. It's probably going to be in another quarter or so from now," said Corpina. 

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