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How the Hong Kong Protests and a Volatile August Could Impact Markets

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Let's take a look at the markets. 

Matt Miskin, co-chief investment strategist at John Hancock Investment Management, sat down with TheStreet to talk about the impact of the Hong Kong protests on the markets and how they could affect the U.S.-China trade talks. 

"...It could impact it more negatively than positively. And the reason why we think that is because the president there needs to actually show a hard stance, as it relates to almost all policies that they're dealing with. So if they show weakness right now as it relates to the United States and trade deals, then that could mean that domestically they would have more issues develop. So, to us, it means that they still have to kind of have this hard-line stance as it relates to trade. And that doesn't exactly mean that there's a clear path out of this right now," said Miskin when asked about the impact on the U.S.-China trade talks. 

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