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How Goldman Sachs Is Promoting Diversity on Corporate Boards

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Goldman Sachs has launched a series of roundtable dinners across the U.S. in order to promote diversity when it comes to corporate boards.

Christina Minnis, global head of Aquisition Finance and co-head of the Americas Credit Finance Group at Goldman Sachs, joined TheStreet on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to discuss the importance of diversity on Wall Street, and--more specifically--on corporate boards.

Minnis was at the NYSE for NYSE's Board Advisory Council and Board Networking Summit Monday, Dec. 9. 

When asked if roundtables are enough--since women still only earn around 80 cents on the dollar--Minnis responded, "Well, I would say here at Goldman we're really committed to diversity. When our new CEO took over, one of his key agenda items is diversity and inclusion and so we're using this opportunity to help more women get on boards as an opportunity to really promote that agenda for women."

So, what can Wall Street do to promote board diversity?

"Well, I think actually what the New York Stock Exchange is doing here today with its Advisory Council, which we are members show exactly that--a convening power, bringing more corporates to the table and showing them great candidates. There are a finite group of women that currently sit on public company boards, and what we are trying to do right now is expand the pool, bringing in really talented C-suite women that have not yet had their first public board," Minnis responded.

Watch the full video above for more. 

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