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How EY's Kerrie MacPherson Uses Decades of Experience to Help a New Generation of Women Win

EY's Kerrie MacPherson Wants To Pave the Way for future female entrepreneurs.

Kerrie MacPherson, Global Client Service Partner at EY, like many of us, walked into the EY doors after college and didn't expect to stay long. 

But over 30 years later, she is still there and now an integral part of the firm's diversity agenda and the perfect candidate for Alpha Rising.

The firm recognized "long before it was fashionable, the need for diverse thinking," says MacPherson.

That dedication to diversity has paid off. The National Association for Female Executives recently named EY to the 2017 top ten list of companies who support and promote talented women. Companies like Abbott ( (ABT) , IBM ( (IBM) ), Johnson & Johnson ( (JNJ) ) and Proctor & Gamble ( (PG) ) also are on the list.

Listen in to hear MacPherson's thoughts on how we can get closer to gender parity.

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Editors' Pick: Originally published Aug. 14.