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How ESG Investing Can Benefit Your Portfolio and 401k

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We know millennials care about sustainability. 

ESG stands for environmentally, social and corporate governance. Those are the three key factors when it comes to measuring sustainability and ethical impact of an investment.

Amy O'Brien, global head of Responsible Investing at Nuveen, sat down with TheStreet to discuss ESG investing and how it can impact your portfolio and your 401k

Yes, you read that right. 401ks. 

So, how can this benefit your portfolio? How can you make money?

"You make money. It is just a different way to invest and we think it's a better way to invest. We've long thought at Nuveen, that again, considering material, environmental, social and governance factors adds a lot of value to the investment process either through research, portfolio construction or helping clients really align their values to their portfolios," said O'Brien.

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