Zev Fima, Research Analyst with ActionAlertsPLUS, had a chance to sit down with millennial portfolio managers from Greenwood Project to discuss how ESG impacts theirs investment decisions.

  • Robert Whitmore IV, an International Development major at the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign currently serving as a Data Analytics & Transactions Marketing intern at Nasdaq and the CEO of the Greenwood Impact Fund
  • Christopher Holloway, a senior at Drake University studying Finance with a focus on insurance with plans to pursue a career in asset management after graduation and the CIO of the Greenwood Impact Fund
  • Hayes Bynum, a recent graduate of the University of Iowa where he studied Mathematics and currently is a fixed income analyst at Sandler O'Neil and the COO of the Greenwood Impact Fund

Surprise! Of course millennials take ESG into account, but for these portfolio mangers it's not the only thing that matters. 

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Here is what Whitmore had to say: 

"As an impact fund, of course our primary focus is generating some type of impact within the community, whether it's locally or on a global scale. What makes Greenwood Impact Fund different from traditional asset managers is the fact that we're not sacrificing profit or a return on investment, for ESG, and looking into low alpha producing stocks."

Watch the video above to find out what else they had to say about ESG and what, if any, sectors they look to avoid.

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For those unfamiliar with the organization, it is all about introducing participants to the financial services industry. As stated on their website, greenwoodproject.org

"Greenwood Project introduces youth to careers within the financial industry via paid summer internships, educational field trips and our summer financial institute for high school students. In many cases, our programming gives young people strong motivation to succeed in their remaining high school tenure and also a compelling reason to attend college."

Check out the full interview to get their views on cryptocurrency, how they view risk, and what advice they would give to other millennials looking to start investing.