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How Does the Stock Market Usually Perform on George Washington's Birthday?

We analyzed the stock market's performance on George Washington's birthday.

Presidents Day is celebrated on Monday. You probably have the day off, but the holiday is meant to celebrate President George Washington's birthday, which is actually on Wednesday, Feb. 22. 

We decided to go back in history and look at how the market tends to perform on Feb. 22. And from our analysis, it looks like George Washington is generally good for the markets. Over the past 30 years, there have been 21 times that Feb. 22 fell on a weekday. The rest were on weekends, so the markets were closed. 

Of those 21 sessions, 12 of them were positive for the blue chip Dow Jones Industrial Average. Only eight saw the Dow close lower on George Washington's birthday. There was just one flat session, in 2001.

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