How Do Economists Predict a Recession?

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How do economists predict a recession? 

You all hear that we’re headed for a recession. And we are. 

Recessions happen every 8-10 or so historically, but that doesn’t mean we know exactly when we’ll get one. And guess what? Economists don’t exactly know either. So they have a system. 

Economists look at economic fundamentals and what geopolitical and economic events are expected to happen in the future to predict the probability of a recession at a certain date. Whoa. Complicated. 

Well, before we get into that, let’s use a a real life analogy. Your friend says, ‘hey, let’s meet up for drinks or dinner in a week.’ 

Based on this, there’s a strong likelihood you will meet your buddy this week. Let’s say it’s Monday. Since there are no solid plans yet, there’s a 10% likelihood that you’ll meet Tuesday and 20% chance it’s Wednesday. But you know your friend is flakey, so while there’s a good chance you meet Friday, it’s more like 70% than 90%. 

To see how this is very much like the way economists predict recession, watch the quick video above.

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