How Did Intel Get Its Name? Hint: Two Words Blend to Create It

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Intel INTC takes the spotlight after the bell when it reports earnings on January 24. The PC and server CPU giant is expected to report revenue of $19.02 billion (up 12% annually) and non-GAAP EPS of $1.22.

Here's what TheStreet's Eric Jhonsa is watching: 

1. Server CPU Sales Trends -- Particularly for Cloud Customers

2. PC CPU Sales Expectations

3. The Capital Spending Budget

4. Non-Volatile Memory Sales

5. IoT and Programmable Chip Sales

Now take a trip Behind the Label: 

Did you know that Intel is one of the biggest stakeholders in the self-driving car industry? Or that the it was founded by two semiconductor pioneers? Have you ever wondered how the name Intel came about? For more on the company's heritage and history watch this video from TheStreet's Behind the Label series.

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