How the December Tariffs Could Impact This Holiday Season

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The December tariffs are still on the table.

So, is that impacting the holiday shopper? How should investors react?

Martin Baccardax, London Bureau Chief with TheStreet, and Art Hogan, chief market strategist at National, sat down with TheStreet to discuss the tariffs and the holiday season.

"I think tariffs are going to be a significant implication for holiday shopping, particularly because the U.S. consumer was strong, is also borrowing a lot to buy the consumer goods that have underpinned the economy for most of the year. The US took in $63 billion worth of tariffs for the first half of this year. A similar amount probably for the second. That's all being paid by US consumers, so ultimately that is going to have an implication for the strength of the consumer going into the final months of the year, particularly into the holiday season. But consumer sentiment is high. The markets are touching all-time highs. Unemployment, very importantly is that the lowest since 1969. So I think the underpinning is solid enough that the tariffs won't necessarily derail the holiday season, but they will be something to pay attention to," said Baccardax.

Watch the full interview for Hogan's comments. 

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