How the Coronavirus Could Impact Earnings Season

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The word "coronavirus" is starting to pop up quite a bit in 

"A lot of people are thinking how did the December quarter do? Right? Because the virus has shown up--depending on reports--you know somewhere in the second half of January. So it is infecting the guidance but still not even to a formal amount. Companies are warning saying, Oh, we're shutting down operations, we're closing stores. If you're an Asian company, for example, you might be extending closures given the lunar holiday. So there's you know, people are trying to get their arms around this. But so far we haven't been able to, and from my perspective there are really two questions we have to ask ourselves. What is the duration of the outbreak and what's the ripple effect of the outbreak? And both of those will help us triangulate not only what's going to happen in terms of earnings but the speed of the economy," said Versace.

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