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Daniel Wolfe: I think the thing that we look at with closed-end funds and especially for advisors where I think it can be beneficial when they speak to their clients is market cycles happen. And you will always see, you never know when they're going to be but you're going to see devaluing of assets and you're going to see assets increase in value. closed-end funds, whereas ETFs, you know, their assets are going to move in and out based on the sale, if you have a run on an ETF, the ETF is going to have to sell assets, which is going to depress those asset values which could end up being a cycle, a vicious cycle, which could end up depressing your asset's value if you stay in that fund.

closed-end funds allow for the opportunity to look over longer periods of time, they allow portfolio managers to really think about that long term investment thesis. If somebody comes in and decides they want to sell their shares of 180 year capital corp or another closed-end fund, it doesn't impact the other investors, the assets underlying the other investors' investment in the entity. And it's really important as you think over longer periods of time where cycles do occur to have some amount of protection potentially against that type of run on assets because as we've seen, you do see these cycles and asset values recover over time.

This year marks the 150 year anniversary of the closed-end fund structure or CEFs.

Although not as highly publicized or as well known as ETFs, closed-end funds have long been valued by advisors and investors as a tool for potentially boosting investment income.

With market yield still low and volatility returning this year, now maybe a particularly opportune time to consider adding closed-end funds to your portfolio and your clients' portfolios.

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