How Cannabis Products Could Replace Cocktail Hour

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Just how big are cannabis drinks?

Well, they might be getting more and more popular. 

Joel Lunenfeld, chief marketing officer at NorCal Cannabis, joined TheStreet's Tony Owusu and Action Alerts PLUS analyst Zev Fima to discuss how to invest in cannabis

So, how are cannabis products going to change our cocktail hours?

"So in terms of products, you know, some of the biggest trending products right now, they're not the biggest market, but drinks are one of the biggest trending [groups.] So being able to put, you know, a couple of milligrams of [marijuana] in a drink and have it like a cocktail or healthy drink when you're out. That's really starting to trend plant-based pills. Being able to isolate these cannabinoids like I was talking about, and put them in a natural plant-based pill to replace other pills. That's another huge category," he said. 

"And when we think about, you know, vaping, you know, even with the issues that vaping seeing today, I think long-term when we start to figure out how to use all-natural cannabis oils and you know, make sure that we have no additives in there, that is a form factor that's also preferred. You know, flower right now in California it's still about, you know, almost 50% of the market. But you start to see that with different demographics they have different choices," said Lunenfeld.

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